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Friday, February 13, 2015

The rise of ISIS - Labor's fault?

Earlier this week, two men were arrested in Sydney for allegedly plotting a terrorist attack. The allegation is that they were in position of a $12 machete and a home-made video allegedly declaring their loyalty to Islamic State (ISIS) and their intention to kill a police officer.

Almost immediately, Prime Minister Abbott made a big deal about one of the men being an Iraqi refugee who had sought asylum in Australia. Apparently, the man had flown into Australia on a false passport.

Of course, this was Labor's fault ... so Abbott claimed.

As he does. As the entire LNP does. Their mantra, their modus operandi, if you are ever able to stomach one of their repetitive interviews is to (regardless of the question), bang on about how they 'stopped the boats', 'axed the tax' and ... I don't know ... something else. Either way, they come back to blaming Labor. They're like robots. Heard one LNP MP, heard them all. It's like listening to Bart Simpson. 'I didn't do it', Bart constantly exclaims. The LNP is the Bart Simpson of politics. Constantly stuffing up and constantly blaming others while repeating the same ol' same ol' over and over again.

But I digress. The Attorney-General, George Brandis spruiked from the 'blame Labor' band-wagon that Labor's immigration policies had caused the rise in domestic terrorism. Hmm ... one or two foiled incidents and it's all Labor's fault.

Well, Labor didn't cause ISIS or other terrorist groups.

ISIS was a direct result of the Coalition of the Willing illegally invading Iraq on the basis of a lie. Remember the Weapons of Mass Distraction lie? Sorry ... Weapons of Mass Destruction lie. Prime Minister John Howard, US sycophant, couldn't wait to send Australian troops into Iraq. Not the first lie in which he was happy to commit the Australian military. Remember the 'children overboard' lie and the Tampa crisis. All lies and crises invented for his popularity.

Prior to that, the Coalition of the Willing invaded Afghanistan because the Taliban were allegedly sheltering Al Qaeda who supposedly was responsible for 9/11. Maybe so. However, it didn't justify the indiscriminate bombing of civilians. Funnily enough, Saudi Arabia, good friend of the USA, was implicated in 9/11 yet they weren't invaded ... too much money and power? Let's just pick on a country with an Army that can't possibly compete with such sophisticated Western weaponry.

The invasion of Iraq and subsequent overthrow of former US-puppet, Saddam Hussein, directly gave rise to numerous sectarian groups vying for power. ISIS being one of them. Saudi Arabia also funds ISIS, yet remains a 'good friend' of the USA.

If Brandis is so concerned about terrorism, he should look at his own party. It was his party who blindly and slavishly followed simpleton US President, George W. Bush, into the illegal invasion against a country that was no threat to the US, Britain, Australia or any other member of the Coalition of the Willing. In addition, the LNP has proudly declared its support of Israel which continues its illegal occupation and war-crimes in Palestine. Both of these actions have contributed immensely to angst against the West. Brandis doesn't see this because it has to be all Labor's fault.

Apparently, if someone threatens Australia, or the US, or Britain, it's perfectly acceptable to bomb the crap out of people who had nothing to do with it. But, if said people decide they need to defend themselves against unprovoked Western aggression then its terrorism and god help their mortal souls. All bets are off as the West (USA, Israel and so on) unleashes 'shock and awe' on innocent people, killing thousands of civilians, with the obsequious LNP cravenly waving its 'Go you good thing' flag.

Then there was the LNP donation of a couple of Naval vessels to the Sri Lankan government, a known abuser of human rights, to hunt down anyone who dare escape the persecution. Go you good thing, LNP, we can't have people thinking they can run away from torture and execution now. What sort of message would that send? Well, it tells me that the LNP condones torture and execution ...

While Abbott was trying to link asylum seekers to terrorism (as his hero, John Howard, also did), the Human Rights Commission released a damning report into the human rights abuses being committed by the Australian government against asylum seekers whom they continue to imprison in the gulags of Manus Island and Nauru. Holding vulnerable, traumatised adults and children for years (without charge of any crime, mind) while depriving them of basic rights of freedom, education, decent accommodation, food and water.

Abbott, a former trainee priest and supposedly 'practicing' Christian, stated that he was proud of his treatment of asylum seekers and that the Human Rights Commission should thank Scott Morrison, another self-proclaimed Christian, for stopping the boats. Apparently that is all the policy was. Stop the boats. The ungrateful asylum seekers should be thankful they didn't drown at sea but have been left to experience the criminal abuse of the Australian government.  Praise the Lord for a Christian government! A government who is proud to physically, emotionally and spiritually abuse the world's most vulnerable while discouraging victims of war, torture and persecution to leave their persecutors and seek safety in a 'Christian' country.

It's time the LNP grew up, grew some cajones and took responsibility for their own abusive, aggressive and illegal actions instead of opportunistically exploiting world tragedy to bolster their polling by intimidating the Australian public through lies and fear campaigns ... and looking for any excuse to blame Labor or refugees. How low is it to demonise asylum seekers, the world's most vulnerable people, who have no voice and are unable to defend themselves against such lies and abuse.

The LNP is promoting Islamophobia, hate crimes and xenophobia while trying to claim they uphold family values and are defending Australia's security. Our security is not at threat. Our family values, however, are under direct threat by the immoral actions and fear-mongering of Abbott and his cronies.

Terrorism is not a result of asylum seekers ... it is a direct result of foreign policy and intervention, of backing despots, war-crimes and human rights abuses to further Western imperialism.

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