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Friday, April 13, 2012

Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition - People's Choice Voting

Ranting Panda has nominated for the 'Best Australian Blogs 2012' competition in the 'Commentary' category.  The competition is conducted by the Sydney Writers' Centre.

You can vote for Ranting Panda in the 'People's Choice Award'. Voting in the 'People's Choice Award' commences 13 April 2012 and concludes at 5pm, Wednesday 9 May 2012.

To submit your vote, please click on the below link (note that the blog is called 'Ranting Panda'):

Once you've voted, make sure that you click the 'DONE' button so that your vote counts.

We would love for you to vote for Ranting Panda in the 'People's Choice Awards'. 

In addition, to the 'People's Choice Award', the Blog will also be considered for a separate award by a panel  of judges who will judge it on:
  • 70% quality of writing
  • 20% presentation and usability
  • 10% engagement and social media integration
Finalists for this part of the competition will be announced on 26 April 2012 and Winners announced 10 May 2012.

You can follow the competition on Twitter through #bestblogs2012.

Thanks heaps and we hope that this Blog encourages, enlightens and educates you.

P.S. You can also follow Ranting Panda on Twitter @RantingPanda and on Facebook at: 

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