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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

F*** the Poor!

 Okay, that is FEED THE POOR.  FEED, people! What did you think it meant?

Sadly, far too many conservatives don't believe in FEED THE POOR, they generally have the attitude of F**K THE POOR.  Ironically, many of those conservatives also claim to be Christian, to worship the very God who told them to FEED THE POOR - THE LEAST OF THESE!

The church cannot possibly feed all of the world's poor, so it is imperative that all people who are capable and all businesses, facilitated by all governments, contribute a portion of their income to feeding the poor, to assisting them to achieve a better life, to have health care, education and accommodation.

Yet Conservatives will scream "SOCIALISM" or "COMMUNISM" at the thought of Government daring to not only tax them, but also spend some of those taxes on the Poor; decreeing the nation a "welfare state".

Socialism was never about a welfare state, it was about equalising the excesses of unfettered capitalism and ensuring that all people contributed to the betterment of the nation.

However, all governments regardless of political ideology should be caring for the poor.  We have seen the basket case that is now the United States which has resulted from unadulterated greed, coupled with failure to care for the poor, failure to provide a free, public health system, or a decent unemployment scheme.

The Poor are people.  They are citizens.  They deserve to live a life of dignity, live a life without hunger, live in reasonable accommodation sheltered from the weather and which they can personalise.

Our society is affected by all who live in it.  It isn't just the "movers and shakers" who make a nation.  The Poor also contribute.

They must be looked after.


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