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Saturday, March 19, 2011

From Vegemite to Football - the Missing Link

Men face a quandary! Women accuse us of:
  • not looking hard enough
  • not asking for directions
Is anyone else seeing a dilemma here? A contradiction? Is anyone else seeing that men are in a no-win situation?

Let's face it: men suffer domestic blindness!  It doesn't matter how many times we go to the pantry we will NOT see the vegemite.  The final ignominy is when we tell our wife we are out of vegemite and she magically finds it within seconds.  Domestic blindness.

Whilst men like to hunt, we do not like to hunt in the lounge room!  So we ask our beautiful partner if she knows where the remote control is and the forth-coming answer is invariably: "have you had a good look?"

So here is the contradiction that men live with day in and day out:  if we ask for directions we are accused of not looking hard enough, if we look harder and harder we are accused of being too macho to ask for directions.

Maybe that is why men like to watch football - the goal-posts never change!  Of course this then raises a new criticism of us veging out on the couch watching Friday Night Football.  Veging in front of the footy is a response to the afore-mentioned ever changing playing field that has been the lot of men for centuries.

No wonder men have a shorter life expectancy.

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